RGB Photography

RGB Photography

   Hi, my name is Randy Butler and I am known as a travel photographer, welcome to my page.   I was born and raised in a small Southern Illinois town called Harrisburg. As a kid I was always intrigued with photography. As I became an adult and being able to afford to travel a little I started seeing many new areas of our great nation, National Parks, our greatest Cities and some of America's most unique wildlife. Each time I came back home I would say to myself, I wish I had a good camera to capture some of these memory's. So a few years ago I decided to take  some action. That's right, I bought my first professional camera and started my quest as becoming known as one of the top photographers in the area. I have been studying the art of photography for a few years now and know there is still a lot more to learn. So the following Galleries are not only for your enjoyment but they are also there for you to purchase if you choose to. Each picture can be mounted or unmounted, paper or canvas or they can be printed on coffee cups, coasters and many more items. I intend to keep posting new photo's every so often so please keep coming back and checking out the new photos! Most importantly please share this page with your friends.

Portraiture Sessions:  

Portraiture Sessions $75 I like to keep my pricing simple!

1 - Payment of $75 due at time of shoot. Includes up to 1 1/2 hours, 2-3 outfits and includes my travel time to the shooting location or locations, if close to each other. (up to 20 miles from Harrisburg, additional fees for further away locations)

2 - You will have a online photo gallery of your photo shoot that you can browse through at your leisure and pick out the photos you like.

3 - If you wish to have digital copy of the images I will make a copy of the digital image in for a minimum price of $50 for up to 25 images or fewer and $2 for each additional image over 25 images. A print release will also be included with the CD.

IMPORTANT- Don't forget to bring any props you would like to have included in your photo shoot.

Thank you for stopping by my page. Enjoy!

Randy Butler

Phone (847) 748-0597

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